Thank you for visiting West Valley Stone Countertops. West Valley Stone is a slab quartz and granite countertops installation company serving the greater Portland Metro Area. Our fabricators and installers have over 10 years industry experience from various top of the line countertop installers.

Kitchen and bathrooms are essential to every home and have to be both beautiful and functional. Furthermore, your countertops add value to your home, as they are an investment for your house. This is why attention to detail and having the work done right in a timely manner is important.

Our Products
We offer a wide selection of natural stone colors, textures and finishes including granite and marble. We also have a great range of Quartz countertops available.
Our Services
We manufacture and install granite, marble and quartz countertops. We also install tile, pre-fabricated granite and quartz slabs, shower walls, fireplaces and much more!
Our Goals
Our goal is to create happy and satisfied customers. We strive to deliver the highest quality workmanship at the best value while giving you.
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located at 19396 SW Shaw St. Beaverton, OR 97007 formerly know as Best Marble and Granite.
Quartz is a man-made (manufactured material) non-porous that offers the best of two worlds: stain-resistance, and scratch-resistance as well as elegance since it mimics natural patterns such as marble, granite, and lime stone.

In fact, with new ink technology quartz continues to emulate natural stones as well as clean solid warm colors that are not available in natural stone slabs.

Granite as well as marble and other natural stone are natural. Granite is the stronger stone and is also the most common use as countertops. Its elegance and one-of-a-kind veining is unmatched and it is heat, scratch and stain resistance when sealed.
Pre-Fab Slabs
Pre-fabricated (Pre-Fab) Slabs can be granite or quartz, which come with a specific finished edge (eased edge) with typical sizes of 98×26, 98×36 slabs and 98×4 backsplashes. These pre-cut and pre-edge slabs are use for simple L-kitchens and perfect for bathroom countertops. Their thickness is 2cm (5/8) and can provide a 20 to 50 percent cost and installation time since have a finished edge.
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